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AS PROMISED, PLEASE FIND BELOW THE LISTING OF NEW TOURNEY TYPES WE WILL INTRODUCE BY JULY, 28th. (Sorry for the delay, but we didn’t expect that this major introduction would take so much work. As we want to avoid problems on start, we decided to give it a week longer for testing it all out). Please all feel free to play the new ones allready on training tables. Any feedback from player’s side are welcome. Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to prissel2003 

Classic tourneys:

( I will not describe those, as I do believe everybody knows the rules for these already)

-single elimination

-double elimination

-team (2 players per team)


-true swiss


New tourneys:


-Rack and run:

table status:   training table, protected, no timer

descripion/rules: on break, player tries to sink as many balls of any kind (incl. the 8-ball). As soon as no balls is sunk, it’s opponent’s turn. Each pairing plays two rounds per match. The player with less balls sunk in first round starts round 2. The player that sunk most balls out of the two rounds wins the game and reports his win and the number of balls to TD in lobby.

-Bank the 8:

table status: rated table, protected, no timer

description/rules: game is played as regular s/e, the only difference is that the 8-ball has to be banked to be sunk.

-One pocket only:

table status: rated table, protected, no timer

description/rules: all balls to be pocketed into the same pocket first ball sunk. Opponent automatically gets the opposite pocket (e.g. player 1 sinks a stripe ball in the upper right pocket. This would mean, all his stripes woould have to be pocketed into the upper right pocket. Player 2 has to sink all his solids into the lower left pocket.) The 8-ball has to be sunk into the same pocket as the other balls. In case an opponent’s ball blocks the pocket, it’s allowed to sink that ball using one of your own balls. This means no direct shot with the cue ball to sink opponent’s ball is allowed. You have to play one of you balls and use that ball to sink the opponent’s ball, unless there is no more ball to play on the table. If you sink the opponent’s ball like that, opponent will get ball in hand. NO BALL IN HAND IS ALLOWED at all times during the match, means you are not allowed to move the cue ball; you have to shoot from where the cue ball is set up.

-Hurry, hurry:

table status: unrated table, protected, no timer, TD at table

description/rules: On break, TD starts stoppwatch and the time will be count it takes to sink all balls on the table incl. the 8-ball. Any pocket can be used. Scratch doesn’t matter, but will cost time. NO BALL IN HAND IS ALLOWED. The player that manages to sink all balls in shortest time wins. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL TD CONFIRMS TO START THE GAME, AS TIMER HAS TO BE SET FOR THIS GAME.

-Quick 8:

table status: training table, protected, no timer

description/rules: Each player tries to pocket the 8-ball in as less as possible no. of shots. Cue ball must be moved on break, behind the yellow line. NO BALL IN HAND IS ALLOWED. Three rounds to be played per match, player with most rounds won wins the match.


The above are the ones we will start with latest by Monday, July 28th. We’re currently working on other new tourney types, and we will update this list as soon as it all has been worked out . Us, the CAPTS HOUSE OF POOL staff, do hope the above new ones gives all of you a variety to select and we hope you will have tons of fun playing them. Some of them are really new tourney types, so if you find out while playing them that we forgot something in the descriptions/rules that should be added or altered, please let prissel2003 know by e-mail and he will check and add/ alter if necessary.

Good luck in all your games, leaguers... and have fun!!!!

darknite5150, prissel2003, Austin198803, Godlywoman37, Connie_g20

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